Low-cost airline operator Ryanair has revealed plans to implement a host of additional features to its bookings platform My Ryanair, to serve customers better.

Tuesday saw Ryanair launch its new Customer Charter and unveiled its 2015 customer experience initiatives as part of its “Always Getting Better”programme. As part of this program, the airline service provider will harness customer data to boost service quality.

“In the past year we did catch up with a lot of the things our competitors have done in terms of service, in terms of innovation and in terms of digital innovation. This year you will see us make some big investments in digital, big investments in data and that will start [to help us become a] digital innovator in the category,” said Ryanair CMO, Kenny Jacobs, speaking of the launch, reports The Drum.

Ryanair is also looking into providing cross-sell ancillary services for hotels and car hire to widen its travel service portfolio.“[Ryanair] is essentially going to be a travel retailer that specialises in flights. It’s an ambitious statement but that’s the ambition that we have when it comes to innovation in the category,” Jacobs added.

Mining customer data through customer interactions will help tailor content and improve customer retention, the company believes. Customer interaction will gain grounding through My Ryanair app which has seen 4 million customers signing up so far.

A new community feature slated for an October release will allow travellers to reveal travel information like companions and purpose, which the service provider intends to use for service improvement.

(Image credit: Juanedc, via Flickr)


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