Google has launched a Status Dashboard for its very own Google Cloud Platform to assist  users get more insight while managing disruptions and largely, the services on the platform.

Available since last year, albeit in experimental mode, as Venturebeat points out, the tool is now in beta and integrates with the additional tools and services including Google Cloud Monitoring.

Among other things the dashboard offers status history of each service showing the last seven days by default, and a “View Summary and History” option to see any of the incidents reported over the past 90 days. Subscribing to the Status Dashboard RSS feed provides updates on the service.

Google Cloud Nows Offers Dashboard Platform Infrastructure

In a blog post making the announcement, Amir Hermelin, Product Manager, explains that the beta, is reporting status for seven services, aggregated across all regions. The Status Dashboard does not deprecate any other means of communicating outages, he wrote.

The launch is seen a firm step by Google towards gaining some ground in the cloud infrastructure market, standing against the likes of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure.

“A solid dashboard showing the health of a slew of Google cloud services — not just the App Engine — is a crucial feature for engineers building or running applications on top of them. Indeed, Microsoft and Amazon have cloud service status pages of their own,” notes VentureBeat.

The dashboard can be accessed here.

(Image credit: Google Doodle)


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