14 Best Python Pandas Features14 Best Python Pandas Features

“Pandas is the most widely used tool for data munging. It contains high-level data structures and manipulation tools designed to make data analysis fast and easy. Apart from serving as a quick reference, I hope this post will help you to quickly start extracting value from Pandas. So lets get started!”  

Mapr’s 4 Takeaway Lessons From The Hadoop RevolutionMapR’s 4 Takeaway Lessons from the Hadoop Revolution

“To get value out of today’s big and fast data, organizations must evolve beyond traditional analytic cycles that are heavy with data transformation and schema management. The Hadoop revolution is about merging business analytics and production operations to create the ‘as-it-happens’ business. It is essential to take a data-centric approach for infrastructure to provide flexible, real-time data access, collapsing data silos and automating data-to-action for immediate operational benefits.”  

New York By The NumbersNew York By the Numbers

“PlaceILive is a startup that uses big and open data to visualize what is happening in your city. To celebrate going public with their platform, they have redesigned their maps of New York City. These maps are so detailed, they offer information on the level of individual houses and will force you to change your perception of the city.”  

Starting An Analytics Function: A Five Step FrameworkStarting an Analytics Function: A Five Step Framework

“I have often been asked this question. While there is no one size fit all solution to it and various organizations have achieved success through various models. Yet, we at Kruxonomy, have come up with a comprehensive 5 step framework to seamlessly get started with an analytics function, that mitigates risks and exemplify analytics output.”


The National Data Science Bowl Makes Plankton Research SexyThe National Data Science Bowl Makes Plankton Research Sexy

“Rare is the man whose heart starts racing upon hearing the word “plankton”. It might not be the sexiest field in the world, but the study and categorisation of this marine microorganisms can tell us a huge amount but the health of our oceans. The problem? There’s tonnes of them. The Oregon State team handed their dataset over to the National Data Science Super Bowl, which challenged entrants to automate the ocean health assessment process.”

Sql For Documents Is The Next Frontier For Nosql Startup CouchbaseSQL for Documents is the Next Frontier for NoSQL Startup Couchbase

Couchbase Server, the open source, distributed NoSQL document-oriented database has unveiled a new query tool compatible with SQL. The new offering, has already been at the disposal of developers as N1QL since over a year now. It will henceforth be shipped as part of Couchbase Server under the name SQL for Documents, Couchbase explained president and chief executive Bob Wiederhold.  

Meet Pinnability- Pinterest’s Machine Learning Tool For Personalising Your FeedMeet Pinnability- Pinterest’s Machine Learning Tool for Personalising Your Feed

With the aim to offer a more nuanced content to the user, Pinterest have unveiled a machine learning tool that provides the user with the most personalized and relevant Pins. The ML tool, titled Pinnability, runs on smart feed, “and estimates the relevance score of how likely a Pinner will interact with a Pin.”  

Open-Sourcing The Human Body With The “Open Humans” PlatformOpen-Sourcing the Human Body With the “Open Humans” Platform

“Researchers from Harvard, NYU and the University of California San Diego have come together to set up the “Open Humans Network,” in an effort to let individuals share their personal health data to accelerate medical breakthroughs. Funding for the initiative comes from John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in the form of $500,000 from each in separate grants.”  


Data Scientist- Bonial InternationalData Scientist for BIG   

“At Bonial International Group, we want to manage data as a company asset; focus on quality is at the top of our list, which of course results from rational, well-informed decision making. Our teams need the most insightful and accurate information they can get, and it will be your task to help them drive our business forward with precision and predictability.”  

Leidenschaftliche Programmierer Und Machine Learning Experten For Freiheit.comLeidenschaftliche Programmierer und Machine Learning Experten for

Wir gehören seit 1999 zu den Pionieren in der Entwicklung großer Internet-Systeme. Wir haben nur Manager, die selbst auch Programmierer sind. Wir sind erfolgreich, im Markt etabliert und extrem gut organisiert. Wir haben trotzdem unseren Gründercharme nicht verloren.  

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