Influence marketing innovators Triberr have acquired semantic search engine Scoutle for an undisclosed amount, according to an announcement made yesterday.

Triberr co-founder and CEO, Dino Dogan, told VentureBeat: “When I first saw Scoutle from the outside, I wasn’t impressed. But when Godfried Van Loo, the founder of Scoutle let us look under the hood, I was floored. Scoutle can tell if you like this article you’re reading right now, whether you click to Like it or not.”

The Amsterdam-based acquiree was founded by Van Loo in 2007, and has developed a search engine algorithm that ranks content by quality, virality, and relevance without the need for any user-generated action, thus quite capable of determining the quality of content even before anyone has liked, shared, or linked to it.

Scoutle works with ordinary behaviour users exhibit while reading content. About a 100 data points are ingrained into Scoutle’s proprietary algorithm of which “not a single data point relies on user-generated action such as like, share or link,” explains the announcement.

Triberr’s new prediction engine will see an early release due to the interest shown by potential investors. “We’re so excited about the potential of this technology that we’re raising our first round in order to accelerate the deployment of the prediction engine,” Dogan said.

(Image credit: Czarcarter, via Flickr)

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