Skytree, the machine learning startup catering to the enterprise, has brought forth its latest offering- the Skytree InfinityTM 15.1. With this release, Skytree intends to streamline enterprise adoption of machine learning.

“Skytree Infinity 15.1 automates key data science tasks, significantly increases the productivity and ultimately improves the results that come from the work of data scientists,” explains Dr. Alexander Gray, co-founder and CTO at Skytree. With the latest product, Skytree aims to bring machine learning to more users through its high performance, scalable and highly accurate machine learning algorithms and increased automation and ease of use to save data scientists time and effort.

Few features of the Skytree Infinity 15.1 include:

  1. Automatically determining ‘optimal parameters and algorithms for maximum model accuracy,’ is Skytree’s patent pending AutoModel, essentially saving time on manual work.
  2. Along with Skytree’s ‘one-step process to train, tune and test models, the time and complexity required to build models is reduced even further.’
  3. It comes with data transformations most used by data scientists in ML model building to save further time and effort.
  4. A new unified project-based data scientist workspace helps with analytics adoption, allowing for easier management of data and models.

“Machine learning represents the next stage in data intelligence. Companies, like ours, working to achieve competitive advantage through big data require an enterprise class platform capable of gleaning actionable predictive insights from large, complex data sets. Skytree is addressing that need by making machine learning more accessible to data scientists that work at the core to deriving value from data,” notes Philip Bermingham, senior manager, data and analytics at Brookfield RPS.

Skytree has a customer base in industries, such as financial services, telecommunications, retail, technology and government where it provides support in business-critical functions such as fraud detection, churn prevention, risk analysis, predictive maintenance, network analytics, targeting and recommendations, the announcement said.

(Image credit: Skytree)

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