Keeping true to its IoT pledge at 2015 CES, Samsung have revealed three new products that run on Samsung’s ‘OS of Everything’, Tizen : refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines.

In spite of a 12% growth of Samsung Electronics last year, the South Korean giant suffered a low point in operating profits in the Consumer Electronics division. Their smartphones had growing competition from Apple and the rising newbie Xiaomi. As Fast Company pointed out, Tizen is Samsung’s attempt at a third major mobile platform, designed to compete against the dominance of iOS and Android.

Samsung Chief BK Yoon, said, “In the era of the IoT, Samsung Electronics will grow substantially once again,” reports Business Korea.

Speaking at Samsung’s media event earlier this week, dubbed the “2015 Washing Machine and Air Conditioner Media Day”  Yoon said, “We are getting ready to cope with the changes in the IoT era. Samsung Electronics grew considerably when analog TVs switched to digital TVs, and when feature phones switched to smartphones.”

He pointed out that the attempt to connect all devices through IoT within the year, is a tough task. However he believes that by 2020, all Samsung products including washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators, and TVs will be connected.

Tizen is the operating system that the company has been developing for some time now, and one can see its partial presence in Samsung mobile phones as embedded apps. At the 2015 CES, in January this year, Samsung had pledged over $100 million to the IoT cause. January also saw the release of Samsung’s first Tizen powered Smart TV.

(Image credit: Tizen)

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