Oxford Intelligence Partners, LLC, a provider of specialized market intelligence and customized analytics to IR professionals, announced the launch of an innovative stock surveillance service that includes proprietary methodology for delivering options intelligence to IROs.

“As stock surveillance firms continue to consolidate and look to scale existing operations, Oxford’s partners are focused on innovating and delivering previously unavailable intelligence” said Oxford Intelligence CEO Adam Frederick. “Incorporating options intelligence with stock surveillance allows us to develop proprietary indicators to help alert companies to investor activism and to measure and benchmark indicators of market sentiment, helping IROs to make their efforts as proactive as possible.”

“I have worked closely for several years with the analyst team at Oxford Intelligence Partners, and in particular with Adam Frederick,” said Steve Sordello, CFO at LinkedIn. “During that time I have been consistently pleased with the resourcefulness they bring to their efforts to support the LinkedIn investor program.  Oxford provides innovative solutions to better understand LinkedIn’s position in the market, and provides us with the intelligence necessary to build long-term relationships with our owners.”

Comprising of well- regarded and experienced stock surveillence analysts, former options traders, floor specialists and PhD-accredited quantitative technologists, Oxford Intelligence Partners brings stock surveillence services and a rich understanding of derivatives trading and strategies.

Innovative solutions such as its options alerts, proprietary indicators, and activist alarm, notify companies of unusual trading, allow Oxford to track and benchmark volatility and directional indications for public companies and their peers, and enables those companies to stay ahead of potential  accumulations by activist investors.  Their proprietary models and algorithms monitor both directional and volatility outlooks, as well as activist movements, empowering IROs to properly engage stakeholders and manage near-term expectations. By weaving together their Options Intelligence offering with best-in-class advisory services, Oxford is redefining the role of capital markets intelligence.

“We have always prided ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional stock surveillance. However, Oxford’s new solutions build upon that legacy and are designed to offer a richer, more comprehensive view of market information specific to individual companies, and to transform that information into intelligence,” noted Frederick.

(image credit: Alberto Carrasco Casado)

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