Mode, the startup that styles itself as the collaborative analytics platform for data analysts, has released updates that assist with data exploring and sharing while also providing the grounding for features that will be made available in the the future.

Essentially, in order to streamline the workflow, it has been split into  “Query” and “Report,” maintaining its simple and lightweight nature while layering on top of an SQL database. This also allows for preferential orientation of the panels layout as the analyst sees fit, with customisation options like background colour and resizing also available. Analysts can now edit schema and preview reports while building on them, and information with the right people at the right time.

A new Activity Feed on the homepage allows for the analytics teams to stay in loop, where new and updated reports appear, setting up what  Mode Co-founder and Chief Analyst Benn Stancil termed as “implicit collaboration,” according to Gigaom.

Claiming, TuneIn and Munchery as customers, Mode certainly has the attention it needs. Stancil said that Twitch uses Mode for its analytics purposes.

(Image credit: Mode)

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