The French retargeted advertising outfit Criteo has acquired DataPop, a Los Angeles-based company that helps match a retailer’s catalogued products with actual user shopping plans.

With a workforce of 40, DataPop was bought for at least 10 Million euros, according to 2015 guidance reports.

The announcement came earlier last week along with news of the outfit’s performance in the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended December 31, 2014.

Criteo reports an increase of 71% in revenues in the fourth quarter of 2014(or 69% at constant currency) to €233 million as compared with €136 million in the fourth quarter 2013. Revenue,  on the other hand, for fiscal year 2014 increased 68% (or 70% at constant currency) to €745 million, compared with €444 million in fiscal year 2013.

“Performance for clients is everything,” points out JB Rudelle, Criteo’s co-founder and CEO. “2014 has demonstrated that our focus on driving incremental sales for our clients accelerates our own success.”

With an increased customer base (the fourth quarter saw an increase of 600 new clients), the company will focus on outreach through advertisement on Facebook, providing clients with the ability to push ads to users browsing on sites via their Facebook ID.

Criteo’s stock went over $45/share after settling at 43.56 (+0.61%), reports Rude Baguette. Rudelle also announced increased investment in technology starting with plans to upgrade its Actual Purchase Behaviour based predictive engine, later this year.

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