WibiData, the Big Data outfit that uses Machine Learning to personalize customer experience for the enterprise, has announced its latest offering. “Experiments by Wibi” is the first commercial experiment framework to capitalize on the processing power enabled by machine learning in Hadoop.

Experiments by Wibi offers retailers a fast way to test and tailor website layouts to individual companies. Although several companies are using machine learning to fine-tune web layouts, WibiData’s USP is that it allows users to test out several machine learning models, and apply the best ones in a timely manner.

Rob Seaman, VP of Product at WibiData, explained, that although attempts to deploy real time personalised experiences have been made, most of them fall short “by using a subset of customer information and ignoring the most recent data – which is actually the most important – in their analyses and predictions. It’s now possible for them to embrace real-time, live experimentation to get to the personalized experiences they covet.”

Experiments by Wibi, an extension of the WibiRetail platform acts as a “common interface for digital marketers, merchandisers and analysts to collaboratively customize and test models and rules on the fly without interrupting the customer experience or engaging engineering resources,” explains a press release.

Announced at the National Retail Federation 2015 (NRF) 104th Annual Convention & Expo on the 12th of January, Experiments by Wibi allows for direct usage of consumer data collected by an organisation and stored on Hadoop thus enabling experiment with personalization models and rules based on all datasets retailers collect on individual customers, within a short time span, providing better control and transparency.

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(Image credit: WibiData)

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