Datapipe, the managed hybrid IT solutions provider for the enterprise, has announced the acquisition of cloud infrastructure provider for Big Data deployments, GoGrid.

“GoGrid has made it easy for companies to stand up Big Data solutions quickly,” explains Robb Allen, the Datapipe chief. “Datapipe customers will achieve significant value from the speed at which we can now create new Big Data projects in the cloud. This acquisition advances Datapipe’s strategy to help our enterprise clients architect, deploy and manage multi-cloud hybrid IT solutions.”

Datapipe has been working to set up a “unique space for itself” in the security, integration and management of multiple cloud platforms, including AWS and its own leading hosted private cloud, Stratosphere. With GoGrid’s proprietary orchestration and automation technologies providing 1-Button deployment for Big Data solutions that enables quick creation and results of new cloud projects, Datapipe will look strengthen its position.

GoGrid introduced the 1-Button Deploy orchestration process, and partnered with Cloudera to speed up enterprise Hadoop deployments, in 2014, riding on a decade worth of experience in managed cloud and dedicated hosting.

While it is reported that DH Capital, LLC initiated the transaction and served as exclusive financial advisor to GoGrid, any further details regarding the acquisition remain undisclosed.

(Image credit: Neil Girling, via Flickr)

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