Cloudian, the hybrid cloud storage provider, has rolled out its latest offering – the Cloudian HyperStore 5.1 software, last Thursday. An enhanced Amazon S3-compliant, the HyperStore 5.1 is a plug-and-play hybrid cloud software accommodates full Apache Hadoop integration.

“To store data on a smart system like HyperStore, and run Hadoop on top of it, offers huge business advantages to enterprises in terms of scalability, efficiency and cost savings,” enunciates  the chief marketing officer at Cloudian, Paul Turner.

“From the financial industry to medical research, there is no shortage of markets that will benefit from turning big data into smart data in pursuit of realizing market- and revenue-shifting insights,” he added.

The new software allows customer enterprises to run Hadoop analytics on HyperStore software and appliances. The in-place analytics, requires no offloading of data to other systems for Hadoop analyses, providing enterprises with ‘meaningful; business intelligence from their data ‘quickly, efficiently and economically,’ explains their news release.

Meanwhile, Cloudian has completed testing for Hortonworks’ Certification to join the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program, thus allowing HyperStore customers to have access to Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP).

Commenting on the development, VP Strategic Marketing at Hortonworks, John Kreisa said: “HyperStore 5.1 helps further Hadoop and its YARN architecture for the enterprise, offering the open source technology community robust, best-in-class data storage with built-in, real time data analytics.”

Salient features of HyperStore 5.1 include:

  • Federated geo-replication, which enables real-time access to your organization’s metadata across multiple global sites;
  • An improved management console and user interface for unified monitoring, usable visibility and cost governance, archiving, search and discovery of on-premises and cloud-based data;
  • New security features that support use of the end user’s credentials in the cloud;
  • OpenStack ‘Icehouse’ support
  • HyperStore 5.1 is available now as a free upgrade to existing HyperStore customers. For all others, it is available for immediate purchase from Cloudian and through the Cloudian partner network.

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(Image credit: Cloudian)

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