AgilOne just rolled out its AgilOne 5, the Fully-Integrated Predictive Marketing Cloud with more tools added to the platform, earlier this week.

“Companies of all sizes need to deliver relevant customer experiences that not only delight their customers and build loyalty, but also improve business results,” points out  AgilOne CEO Omer Artun, Ph.D.

“Today, AgilOne delivers the industry’s first easy-to-use, truly predictive and out-of-the-box marketing cloud, so that all brands, large and small, can take advantage of the wealth of customer data available to them and deliver an omni-channel experience that improves customer engagement and the company’s bottom line,” he further explained.

It has been a cloud-based analytics outfit that leverages predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to provide companies with more insight on their customers, getting more value out of their marketing spend.

However with the new release, the company goes a step further to provide turnkey solutions to marketers to predict the needs of the customer and ‘to design and execute relevant email, social media, web and direct mail campaigns – all from a single hub,’ explains the company press release, essentially transforming it into a marketing cloud.

“We were the brains behind marketers,” Mr. Artun told VentureBeat in an interview. AgilOne would help companies launch revenue generating lifecycle marketing programs, including predictive cart recovery, cluster-based purchasing and loyalty appreciation, among others. However, “we didn’t do execution,” he points out, and required integration with third party tools.

With the new AgilOne 5 all that changes.

Salient features of this release include:

  1. New Campaign Orchestration Capabilities
  2. Integrated Email Capabilities
  3. Integrated Personalized Web Experiences

(Image credit: AgilOne)

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