Yandex, the Russian Internet company and also the country’s biggest search engine, rolled out  earlier this week at the  LeWeb innovation conference in Paris, the Yandex Data Factory.

The new Yandex B2B-service will allow corporate and enterprise clients,to harness their machine-learning technologies, “to turn large volumes of data they posses into hands-on business tools, and, by doing so, increase sales, cut costs, optimise processes, prevent losses, forecast demand, develop new or improve existing methods of audience targeting,” reports a Yandex press release.

MatrixNet is the Yandex machine learning technology, that not only makes its own decisions about whether a certain piece of information is a good answer to a user’s question or not, based on previous experience, but it does so based on a relatively limited experience.

Quite unlike what Google’s Russian rival has been known for, Yandex has been ‘branching out of their natural realm,’ for a while now. Their MatrixNet was used by CERN on their Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) experiment.

Yandex has been carrying out experimental, customised solutions involving existing data  used for training a MatrixNet-based model, which then was applied to new data – depending on the goal of a client, to generate suggestions for buying a specific product, or predict, with a high degree of accuracy, based on behaviour of thousands or millions of shoppers with similar behaviour patterns, which product exactly will be bought, explains Yandex.

Presently, the company has about 20 ongoing projects worldwide.

“While the majority of our potential partners, as well as data, come from finance, telecommunications, retail, logistics, utilities, and even the new-fangled ‘smart cities’, anyone who has data and a business goal can discover new opportunities brought about by mathematics. No matter what industry your business is in, mathematics will work for you,” the company believes.

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(Image credit: Yandex)

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