WPP, the world’s largest communications services group, has entered into an alliance with IBM, in order to chart a long-term and mutually rewarding partnership. As a result of the partnership WPP will be able to innovate new digital services run and managed within a global hybrid cloud infrastructure, according to the announcement that came earlier this week on Tuesday.

Speaking on behalf of WPP, Robin Dargue the WPP Group CIO said, “As the world’s largest communications group, we are seeking to exploit IBM’s cloud computing expertise to allow us to innovate and add value to both the service and the product we deliver to clients across 111 countries.”

“This announcement is a significant milestone in the deployment of enterprise cloud and extends IBM’s position as the premier global cloud platform,” said Erich Clementi, Senior Vice President, IBM Global Technology Services. “Our secure, open enterprise cloud platform will enable WPP to quickly deliver new innovations to their customers.”

The seven-year long, $1.25-billion worth services contract for IBM is intended to transform and manage WPP’s global technology platform utilizing IBM’s service delivery and technology platform as it helps refine WPP’s productivity all the while assisting it in integrating its operations.

Meanwhile the new flexible hybrid cloud infrastructure will enable the company to:

  • Expand the use of big data and analytics to drive decision making and amplify the creative process.
  • Continue to build its leadership in a digital and mobile world.
  • Enhance its ability to more quickly deploy new products and services.
  • Foster greater horizontal communication and collaboration across its multiple brands.

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(Image credit: Marcin Wichary)

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