CloudBerry Lab, a backup and management solutions provider for public cloud storage services, has revealed the integration of its cloud backup solution with cloud-based IT business management platform Autotask, with CloudBerry 3.8 with Autotask integration being made available immediately.

“Autotask enables IT Service Providers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to centralize data and operations, with a comprehensive, complete solution for every role,” points out Len DiCostanzo, SVP community and Business Development at Autotask.

“With this integration, Cloudberry can help service providers increase their top line by offering new backup services, while we help improve their bottom line by improving efficiency and operations,” he further added.

Together Autotask with CloudBerry’s cloud backup solutions will let “joint customers to automate customer management for backup services, including user lists, billing and support tickets,” reports the news release that came on Tuesday.

Most small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are unable to equip themselves with the equipment, services and the personnel required for an expanded traditional data backup system with an offsite component, which becomes imperative as the “need to back up and protect” data is growing.

With the affordability backing-up online they are now turning to the cloud as a solution, wherein MSPs with an efficient approach to IT service management to expand their businesses and ensure profitability while continuing to serve their customers effectively, are needed.

This is where the integration between CloudBerry and Autotask will provide MSPs with a turnkey managed backup service that automates many key management functions.

“With this integration, MSPs now have a complete, managed cloud backup solution that enables them to automate management of the service using Autotask’s cloud-based solution,” said Alexey Serkov, CTO at CloudBerry Lab. “Providers not only have the ability to fill a critical gap in their service offerings, but they can do so at a consistently high quality standard while keeping their operational costs competitive.”

CloudBerry lets end-users back up file shares and Windows Server data directly to a cloud storage account, with an easy option. The backup client compresses data before it leaves the customer premises to minimize the amount of cloud storage capacity required.

Adding to security, is encryption of all data with customer-controlled keys, so neither CloudBerry nor the cloud storage provider ever has access to customer data.


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