Alibaba Group, the Chinese e-commerce company, released a report earlier this month on the 18th of December, charting the results of a task force with the police that has been trying to stop the sale of fake goods on the company’s Taobao platform, reports the Shanghai-based online media outlet the Paper.

A series of reports have been published within last week tracking the progress of false goods and their origins, reports the Want China Times.

It has been revealed through the report that ‘400 suspects among 18 groups, involving more than 1,000 cases of trademark infringement, were caught making knock-off goods in more than 200 locations,’ the biggest of the crack downs being counterfeit sports shoes valued at 21.5 million yuan (US$3.46 million) and blenders and jerseys together valued at 10 million yuan (US$16.1 million).

Alibaba will tap Big Data Analytics to root out such fake instances.

In the past, founder Jack Ma had made clear his stance against counterfeits by utilizing analytics and tracking transactions, delivery details, IP addresses and other information, at the World Internet Conference, in November.

The police has been aided by the company’s massive transaction data in resolving the latest issues, ushering the structuring of a big data model to glean, analyze and ultimately take steps to limit likely cases of infringement in the future, the report said, according to the Want China Times.

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