Tableau Software, the Business Intelligence and Analytics outfit, continued its growth run as it touched $100 million in the third quarter. Co-founder and CEO, Christian Chabot, seems to have more reasons to be optimistic owing to the company’s growth run lately.

In an interview with GigaOM last week, he stressed the company’s need for the right kind of talent while also speaking at length about the company’s growth and competitors. Although there have been losses in the last few quarters, with a revenue of $104.5 million in its pocket, Tableau has seen a 71 percent increase since last year’s third quarter.

But with a growing workforce, Tableau is now sifting through the talent pool to hire the ‘right employees’, much like Google and Apple.

Chabot believes that Tableau’s flagship software, along with its new cloud offering and upcoming mobile product ‘will drive a lot of growth’ for the software company. “Pointing to the healthy profit margins of companies such as Microsoft and Adobe,” he said. “Everyone knows what the economics of a software company at scale look like.”

Speaking of competition from software-as-a-service innovator,, Chabot said, “We don’t see that having a competitive impact on us.” Startups trying to follow in the company’s footsteps are a long way from disrupting Tableau’s march up, Chabot believes.

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