SpaceCurve, a geospatial and location data analytics firm and AirSage, a population analytics innovator have signed into an alliance to enable marketing and entertainment companies glean consumer behaviour insights based on time, location, motion, sensor data, and other attributes.

“Companies and organizations have been clamoring for Big Data to deliver on the promise of the ability to analyze the complex flow of populations, goods, and commerce within the context of time and space. To truly unlock the value of this data the analysis needs to be performed continuously, at the exact time events occur, and at a global scale. Enabling this capability is like analytical “ superfood”, and SpaceCurve and AirSage combined have disrupted the market with a very powerful solution,” explains Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst, The Bloor Group.

The SpaceCurve platform, essentially, enables value creation from geospatial and location data by ingesting, indexing, and fusing millions of complex spatial data records per second in real-time while also making the data immediately available for action.

The AirSage proprietary technology can capture and “analyze more than 15 billion anonymous, real-time, cellular-signal data points which provide insights into consumers’ real world travel patterns. AirSage receives signaling data from devices continuously (365 days a year, 24/7 from phones, tablets, PDAs, etc.) in real-time from top-tier wireless carrier partners. This typically results in 50-250 sightings per day, per device.

Between the two collaborators, this is a lot of data, waiting to be harnessed.

To begin with, SpaceCurve will fuse AirSage mobile device location data with diverse location-enabled data sources to provide better understanding of consumer behaviors and to enhance guest experiences that affect satisfaction, reveals their press release.

Dane Coyer, SpaceCurve CEO, points out, “Spatially fusing multiple data sources with AirSage data in real time enables us to have a much more complete understanding of consumer or guest behavior. With that insight, we enable our clients to enhance the experience of guests visiting their location or attending a large event. Our clients are able to take immediate action to improve consumer satisfaction and retention.”

The joint service is available now.

(Image credit: SpaceCurve)


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