Second Spectrum, a sports analytics startup has developed a software that enhances audience viewership through data visualisations and live-statistics during the game, in real time.

Garnering support from former Microsoft Chair and New Clippers owner Steve Ballmer, the Second Spectrum’s proprietary software system was debuted at Staples Center for the Los Angeles Clippers’ opening game in the new NBA season that began last week.

“We have this product called DataFX that combines storytelling, video, advanced stats and special effects, all together to tell sort of the hidden side of what is going on in the game that you might not see,” enunciates Rajiv Maheswaran, co-founder and CEO of Second Spectrum.

Found in 2013, the Los Angeles-based outfit’s software provides Clippers and six other NBA teams with advanced statistics and also allows fans to “take control of the Jumbotron in real time,” Maheswaran told NPR. Using smart devices, fans can choose to see video clips of their liking on the big screen, now aptly dubbed Clippertron, with the person’s name showing up as well.

“It’s not just going to be highlights,” Maheswaran said. “It’s highlights with a lot of effects but also telling the story with numbers you can’t get anywhere else. Nobody else on the planet is going to have them.”

An optimistic Maheswaran believes that the show at the Staples Center is only an example of things to come. “There’s a lot of ways to slice and dice and interact with data that we haven’t started to explore yet,” he noted.

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(Image source: Second Spectrum)

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