Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), provider of the leading platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, today announced that mail.de GmbH, a German provider of email services, is optimizing its email service and gaining real-time business insight by indexing, correlating and visualizing its machine data with Splunk® Enterprise. mail.de relies on Splunk Enterprise to gain Operational Intelligence across several use cases in multiple departments. The mail.de IT team uses Splunk software to investigate and resolve infrastructure issues before they impact customers. The support team searches and analyzes data in real time during customer service calls and mail.de’s executive and marketing teams gain valuable insights into marketing campaigns and customer behavior with Splunk reports and dashboards. Read the case study to learn more about how mail.de is realizing value with Splunk software.

“Before introducing Splunk software we had limited visibility into our own systems to a certain extent, which was impacting the service we could provide our customers,” said Fabian Bock, chief executive officer, mail.de. “With Splunk Enterprise, we can localize errors in our system and proactively solve customer issues, all in real time. We have been able to greatly increase the availability of our services as a result, while also expanding our use of Splunk software to deliver real-time insights to our customers and executives. We see enormous potential for further Splunk use cases at mail.de.”

Insights made possible by Splunk Enterprise are shared beyond the IT department with several divisions of the business using tailored dashboards. For example, management is provided with a visualization of the most important business figures, such as the number of new registrations for mail.de’s FreeMail service. The marketing team can understand the effect of a campaign at a glance or quickly assess the service adoption, customer sign-up and usage behavior of FreeMail customers.

“With such a diverse group of users with hands-on Splunk experience, mail.de is an exceptional example of how to maximize the value you can create with Splunk Enterprise,” said Olav Strand, director of Germany, Switzerland & Austria, Splunk. “By packaging up the same machine data needed by IT for troubleshooting and visualizing that data to help executives, marketing and customer support teams work more strategically,mail.de is driving real value from its machine data. mail.de customers expect peak performance and immediate support from the cutting edge e-mail service, and we are pleased that Splunk software helps them to live up to expectations.”

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