Link Union, a Home Security startup that intends to build devices using latest technologies to keep people connected irrespective of location, has brought forth the Link-U Hybrid SmartCam that integrates connected devices into a home monitoring system.

Using integrated Bluetooth 4.0 LE interface the video monitoring camera with a proprietary, patent pending hybrid technology essentially serves as a Hub for a connected home, allowing for effective home monitoring from Smartphones and Tablets.

Founder Andy Benatti explains that, “Link-U increases your home’s IQ. For example – say you invite some friends over for dinner – but get stuck at the office and are running late. Connecting to your link-U through your smartphone, you can unlock the front door or open the garage door remotely to let them in.  Once they’re inside, you can use the camera to interface with them in real time – and perhaps ask them to have a glass of wine poured and ready for you when you get home.”

Link-U “intuitively and automatically” uses to either LAN (home network) or 3G/4G connections, 24/7 access without the fuss about routers, firewalls or dynamic IP addresses and comes loaded with standard Power over Ethernet and a backup 8-hour battery. Other features include the ability to remotely manage devices such as carbon monoxide and fire detectors, window intrusion alarms, remote locks for doors and garages, and light fixtures while the user is away.

Insisting on cutting costs, as compared to conventional smart home installations, the Link-U Hybrid SmartCam is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo, starting at $149 for early backers.

(Image credit: Link-U)

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