Gridgain announced yesterday that their in-memory data fabric has been accepted into the Apache Software Foundation Incubator programme, under the name Apache Ignite. The Gridgain team hope the move will fuel greater adoption of in-memory computing technologies, and build a greater community around the data fabric.

Expanding upon their motives to open-source their signature product, a Gridgain blogpost states:

Earlier this year, we took an important step in order to make the transformation to IMC truly accessible by shifting to an open source model through an Apache 2.0 license. Our motivation was simple: remove all barriers to IMC adoption and accelerate the innovation that’s poised to occur through this technology. We wanted to introduce IMC to the mass market in a way that would give developers maximum freedom to experiment with it and discover the amazing things it allows you to do — for example, accelerating drug discovery for diseases such as cancer.

As Dataconomy reported earlier this year, Gridgain’s In-Memory Data Fabric accomodates high-performance transaction, real-time streaming and lightning-fast analytics to help enterprises get the answers they need when they need them. The Data Fabric is the product of “years of meticulous research and development”, and now this powerful technology is available to enterprises of all sizes to gain business-critical insights in real-time.

Only a few short months after open-sourcing their technology, Gridgain reported a 2000% increase in downloads. It is hoped that by handing the keys over to the Apache Software Foundation, downloads will spike once more, move Gridgain closer to their goal of becoming synonymous with in-memory computing. As their recent blog post ambitiously concludes, “We believe Apache Ignite has all the right ingredients to become for the Fast Data world of the future what Hadoop is for Big Data today.”

(Image credit: Gridgain)

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