OneFold announced the public beta of its platform BigData Warehouse for terabytes of semi-structured JSON and NoSQL data from mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) data sources. The company is founded by engineer entrepreneur Uday Sandhar, from Oracle, with 12+ years experience building and growing software products in small and large silicon valley companies.

The company unifies data into one, high performance, easy-to-query data warehouse in the cloud. BigData Warehouse leverages the massive infrastructure of Google Cloud, and specifically Google BigQuery, which is ideal for dealing with semi-structured big data streams.

“We have numerous customers with social networking, education, m-commerce, and utility mobile apps that are screaming for a big data warehouse technology to bring together their disparate data into a single warehouse in the cloud and let them query it using the most powerful query tool in the world, SQL,” Uday Sandhar said in a statement.

OneFold was founded by investments from Peter Relan’s 9+ incubator. Relan, who had a big hand in startups like Crowdstar and OpenFeint, has moved beyond gaming companies to broader types of tech companies.  Relan said in a statement- “Big data consists of semi-structured, complex data streams from mobile apps and the Internet of Things. With OneFold BigData Warehouse, you get to use SQL for analytics and answers at a fraction of the time and cost — saving about $100,000 — that engineers would spend in coding. As mobile users and connected things generate more and more data, OneFold BigData Warehouse is focused on delivering the price, performance and scale needed to easily ask any question across all your disparate data sources.”

Using OneFold, mobile app & IoT companies can reduce or completely eliminate the engineering time needed for data munging and focus their precious resources on their core app development. This could save at least $100,000 per year for smaller companies and much more for larger ones.

Built for Incredible performance and scale, OneFold warehouse leverages Google’s Awesome Elastic Columnar Technology. Users can use standard SQL, or GUI-based tools like Chartio to construct queries in minutes and run them in seconds over terabytes of data.

Jason Citron, chief executive of game startup Hammer & Chisel stated, “OneFold’s three big advantages are: One, it easily unifies all my JSON data into a single data warehouse in less than a day. Doing the data munging is an enormous hassle. Two, It gives the power of SQL querying across my semi-structured data including joining the disparate data sources. SQL is easy to use. I can generate new queries in minutes. Three, the performance is awesome: Queries return in under 30 seconds.”

Apart from Relan’s nine plus incubator, OneFold’s other investors and advisors include StreamLined Ventures; S. Somasegar, VP Developer Division at Microsoft; Vivek Kapur, head of Global Business Services, IBM; Dr. Michael Franklin of UC Berkeley and Jerry Held (ex-Oracle, Chairman Vertica & Tamr).

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(Image Credit: Andy Wilkinson)

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