Sentient Technologies, a firm with intentions to harness massively scaled artificial intelligence, has moved out of stealth mode to garner $103.5 million in Series C funding.

“We’re extremely encouraged with the progress that Sentient has made over the past year and we’re excited to have the support and funding of such a strong, global investor base,” explained Antoine Blondeau, Chief Executive Officer, Sentient Technologies. “The new investment will allow us to continue to grow our team, further scale our partner infrastructure, and accelerate the commercialization of our distributed artificial intelligence technologies. Further, the expansion of our investor team brings a wealth of experience to our organization as we explore new vertical industries.”

Looking to solve “the world’s most complex problems”, Sentient has now had more than $143 million in investments so far. The fresh funding was led by Access Industries with Tata Communications (Hong Kong) Limited and  saw participation from existing investors like Horizons Ventures with private investors in the fields of finance, consumer, food and beverage, and real estate, all participating, reports their press release.

Founded almost seven years back the company has been operating under the name Genetic Finance Holding Ltd. in San Francisco with a workforce of 60. It is led by a team that boasts of working on technology that later became Siri, reports Wall Street Journal.

Enunciates Adam Cheyer, co-founder & VP of Engineering at Viv Labs and advisor to Sentient, “In artificial intelligence, we are beginning to see that it’s not only about ‘big data,’ but also about ‘big compute,’ which gives the ability to search deeper and at a higher complexity to find the patterns and answers hidden within.”

Utilizing distributed artificial intelligence on an unprecedented scale, it regularly runs multiple distributed AI jobs on millions of AI processing nodes. This results in actionable outcomes validated on large and complex data sets.

“Evolutionary computation and deep learning” – designed to continuously evolve and improve – will help create the world’s most powerful intelligent system, believes Sentient. It’ll also assist researchers, innovators and companies to solve mission-critical, high value problems, the statement said.

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(Image Credit: John Liu)

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