IBM has brought forth its latest offering – Watson Explorer – touting cognitive capabilities. Released early last week, it claims to be a powerful combination of data exploration and content analytics capabilities.

An IBM news release explains :

“Watson Explorer advances data exploration by bringing cognitive capabilities, providing users with a 360-degree view of contextually relevant information to offer deeper levels of insight, showing what is happening and why. Unlike traditional search solutions that fail to provide context, trends and relationships, Watson Explorer can help professionals find and understand the information they need to work more efficiently, gain more insights from their unstructured content and realize their objectives of improving business outcomes.”

IBM points out that only 12 percent of an average organisation’s data is utilized while the rest of the potentially game changing information remains untapped. Watson Explorer takes heed of that to help deliver better performance and real-time results.

With the current release, “Watson Explorer advances core cognitive components by providing organizations the ability to quickly use natural language processing capabilities and data exploration to discover valuable business information in both structured and unstructured data.”

Watson Explorer works on three key aspects viz.

  • Explore :  Watson Explorer combines content and data from many different systems throughout the enterprise and public sources and presents it to users based on their role and current activities, which can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent looking for information, and increasing their ability to work smarter.
  • Analyze :  Watson Explorer’s content analytics capabilities can sift through documents, email messages, call center transcripts and social media to uncover trends, patterns and correlations from unstructured information using natural language processing technology, delivering insights in hours or days rather than or weeks or months.
  • Interpret : Watson Explorer provides the ability to integrate a growing list of IBM Watson Developer Cloud services for an enhanced experience leveraging the combined strength of exploration, analytic and cognitive capabilities.

Available as two principal offerings, Enterprise and Advanced, Watson Explorer believes that it can maximize business opportunities for enterprises by providing frontline workers with a more holistic view of their information landscape.

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(Image credit: Patrick Finnegan)

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