BigPanda, a California based startup that works on a cloud-based software-as-a-service model (SaaS) towards helping enterprises understand IT incidents popped out of stealth mode earlier last week to garner $7 million in Series A funding from Mayfield and Sequoia and has now officially launched the world’s first data science platform to automate IT Incident Management.

Assaf Resnick, Co-Founder and CEO of BigPanda, explained, “The new generation of IT infrastructure requires a fundamentally different approach to Incident Management. We believe that only through leveraging data science can IT teams tackle the scale of machines, events and dependencies that must be understood and managed. That’s why we founded BigPanda.”

The team at BigPanda has apparently “struggled to find a tool that could handle the increasing scale and complexity of our Modern IT environments.” So they left jobs at companies like Thompson Reuters, Atlassian (JIRA), New Relic, Marketwindows, Sequoia Capital to find a solution.

Analyzing the deluge of alerts faced by IT teams daily the BigPanda platform collates them into ‘high-level incidents,’ further, automating the manual processes involved with detecting, investigating and collaborating around every IT incident, thus reducing time spent in resolving  IT issues and minimizing impact on customers and revenue.

IT and DevOps teams have been limited to utilizing traditional approaches to Incident Management that have not evolved with changes such as:

  1. Explosion in Scale and Complexity due to the Cloud and Virtualization.
  2. Highly Fragmented Data Center Monitoring.

BigPanda has automated process involved in responding to IT issues using an SaaS platform that aggregates and normalizes alerts from leading monitoring systems, such as New Relic, Nagios and Splunk, as well as home-built monitoring solutions, and then leverages powerful data algorithms to automate the heavy lifting out of Incident Management. BigPanda:

  • Consolidates Noisy Alerts: BigPanda automatically clusters the daily alerts into high level incidents, so IT can quickly see critical issues without having to dig.
  • Correlates Alerts and Changes: BigPanda correlates IT incidents with the code deployments and infrastructure changes that may have caused them, so IT and DevOps teams have instant access to the data they need to make smart decisions quickly.
  • Streamlines Collaboration: BigPanda makes it easy to notify the right people and keep everyone updated on incident status, notes, activities, metrics, and more.

The platform is available for a free 30-day trial while a lite version is available for free; pricing starts at $1,500 per month for a company-wide license.

(Image Credit: thethreesisters)

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