Logi Analytics, the analytics everywhere company, today announced the latest version of its business intelligence platform, Logi Info, providing customers the ability to embed self-service capabilities directly into their applications, and letting business users author their own data visualizations, dashboards, and reports. The release introduces significant enhancements to Info’s self-service module, including advanced layout capabilities, enhanced report management and sharing, and new responsive web capabilities.

Logi Info’s self service module lets users select from a set of trusted data, automatically generates a query and returns data so they can then create their own tables, charts, dashboards and reports without further involvement from IT. The user interface is simple to understand and use so any business user can get their questions answered in minutes. The self-service module can be embedded directly within a client’s web application, providing users with a seamless self-service experience within the context of the parent application. Users can then manage and organize visualizations and reports within personalized and shared folders, as well as collaborate and share insights with colleagues.

“Business users increasingly request direct access to data in order to conduct their own analysis, create their own visuals, and share insights with their colleagues,” said Claudia Imhoff, president and founder, Boulder BI Brain Trust and Intelligent Solutions, Inc. “Logi Analytics is helping to advance the idea of self-service business intelligence by putting the business user first, and providing a streamlined experience that will help end users be successful.”

“Self-service capabilities for business applications can often feel like an afterthought, leaving business users confused,” said Steven Schneider, chief product officer, Logi Analytics. “With our latest version of Info, Logi is now able to offer fully embeddable self-service capabilities, providing customers with a structured, managed environment that opens up self-service analytics to all business users, while still offering IT the control they need.”

Logi Info offers a simple and responsive user experience and can be customized to meet users’ self-service workflows:

  • Managed Data Access – Logi Info’s active query builder offers end users flexibility to construct and manage their working data set without help from IT or pre-determined queries. End-users can select data from their certified data source and feed the resulting data set into the Analysis Grid for further analysis, calculations and creation of visuals.
  • Expanded Visualization Support and Interactivity – The latest version of Logi Info introduces several new and enhanced chart types, including heat maps, waterfall charts, pyramids, whiskers plots, and funnels, which provide a more refined end-user experience.
  • Simplified Web-based layout of Dashboards and Reports – An easy-to-use drag and drop interface allows users to create beautiful, well-formatted dashboards and reports.  Simple controls let users portion out the workspace, pick tables and charts from the visual gallery, upload images, write in custom text and add links inside the report. Additionally, the latest version of Logi Info introduces a responsive design approach to laying out visuals, which optimizes the display and reduces the need to scroll or resize when viewing the content across a wide range of devices with differing screen sizes.
  • New Folder-based Organization and Management capabilities – Logi Info allows users to organize and manage the reports and dashboards they create into folders. They have complete control to create and delete folders; add, remove, and copy content into the folders; and arrange and nest folders to create cascaded folder levels to manage their personal and share information.
  • New Dashboard and Report Sharing Capabilities – Taking inspiration from Google Docs, Logi Info allows users to share reports and dashboards they create with other users in their organization to enable better collaboration and communication. Security ensures that users see only the data they are authorized to view and is powerful enough to work in multi-tenant SaaS and extranet deployments.

To learn more about the latest updates to Logi Info join the webinar on Thursday, October 16th at 12:00pm ET: http://learn.logianalytics.com/1016-introducing-logi-info

(Image Credit: Tech Cocktail)

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