Timeful, the “intelligent time manager” app, has appointed LinkedIn’s former Senior Manager of Data Science, Gloria Lau, to fill the newly formed position of Vice President of Data.

“Making time for the things that actually matter in life is something we all have trouble with,” notes Lau, reports Business Wire. ”Timeful has developed a unique solution to this age-old problem by combining technology with behavioral science and packaging it into a user-friendly mobile application. I am thrilled at the opportunity to leverage my work in data science to help Timeful make people’s lives better and more productive.”

Lau has known Timeful since its days as a research prototype, she tells Business Insider. Presently her work will involve the app’s intelligent data-driven algorithm to help users manage their appointments and activities.

The flagship app launched in August for iPhone, has become quite popular with users, due to its ability to make smart suggestions that “proactively nudge” the user towards completing things from the to-do list. The suggestion algorithms are based a various factors, including the preferences set earlier such as Most Productive Time, Work Days & Hours, and Sleep Hours.

Over time, the algorithms learns what the user likes to do and when, which will help generate more accurate suggestions. Combining a calendar and a to-do list, the app helps users access all scattered tasks at once and integrate them seamlessly using Timeful’s intelligent time management system.

With a decade worth of experience in data science and research, Gloria has an MS and PhD from Stanford, and a BS from UCLA . While at LinkedIn, she had worked with Timeful CEO Jacob Bank on the LinkedIn’s student initiative to “build better data tools for future professionals.” She was also heading the core data science team for the last three years, with focus on standardizing user data and building recommendation products to drive relevant content for LinkedIn users, reports the Timeful blog.

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(Image Credit: Nan Palmero)

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