The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has selected fourteen Moore Investigators who will receive $1.5 million each, over the next five years as part of the foundation’s Data-Driven Discovery initiative.

Part of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Science Program, the $60 million, five-year Data-Driven Discovery Initiative is one of the largest privately funded data scientist programs of its kind “committed to enabling new types of scientific breakthroughs by supporting interdisciplinary, data-driven researchers.”

“Science is generating data at unprecedented volume, variety and velocity, but many areas of science don’t reward the kind of expertise needed to capitalize on this explosion of information,” explains Chris Mentzel, the Program Director of the Data-Driven Discovery Initiative.

Vicki Chandler, PhD, the Chief Program Officer for Science at the Moore Foundation noted, “Many areas of science are currently data-rich, but discovery-poor. The Moore Investigator Awards in Data-Driven Discovery aim to reverse that trend by enabling researchers to harness the unprecedented diversity of scientific data now available and answer new kinds of questions. We hope that other funders, public and private, will join us in supporting this transformation.”

November last year, saw the Moore Foundation enter into a daring partnership with New York University, the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Washington to tap the potential of data scientists and big data for research and scientific discovery. The 5-year, $37.8 million, cross-institutional program was launched with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Further details regarding the grant is available here.

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