In a move that directly addresses the need for a greater number of data scientists, strategy & consulting giants Booz Allen Hamilton launched the Explore Data Science online training program last week.

BAH is calling it “a self-paced, hands-on course geared toward all levels of data science proficiency – from introductory to professional,” that introduces common data science theory and techniques to help programmers, mathematicians, and other technical professionals expand their data science expertise.

“In today’s highly competitive marketplace, being able to effectively compile, manage and analyze data is critically important to a business’ growth, strategic development and overall success,” explain Peter Guerra, a Principal in the firm’s Strategic Innovation Group.

“We’re therefore seeing a clear demand – across all industries – for data science expertise, but it far exceeds the available supply of trained professionals. By introducing training like Explore Data Science, we’re providing companies and interested individuals with an invaluable resource while empowering an increasingly data-driven workforce,” he added.

The application interface is laced with “galactic-themed gamification” elements that run through data science principles as students face increasingly advanced, scenario-based challenges across 32 missions.

Students are expected “transform raw information into business-critical insights,” at the successful completion of which participants earn points, awards and badges that are shareable on social media, also enabling users to “develop or increase competency in the core tenets of data science.”

“For example, analyzing a densely forested planet’s wildlife to identify the most dangerous plants and animals introduces players to data organization techniques as well as algorithms for pattern learning – integral tools for improving business outcomes,” enunciates the press release.

Earlier, last year, the firm released the Field Guide to Data Science, whose principals are complemented in the Explore Data Science training program “enabling future, or current, data scientists to practice, test and grow their capabilities in a simulation-based environment.”

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