BlueData, a stealth mode startup that deals in private clouds, has launched a free 5-node license of EPIC Enterprise which may be the industry’s first Big Data software that enables enterprises to create a self-service cloud experience on-premises.

“Enterprises need a platform to easily experiment with existing and emerging Big Data technologies and then quickly deploy the technologies of choice at scale,” explains Kumar Sreekanti, CEO and founder of BlueData. “We believe that our EPIC Platform is that solution. It’s a big promise and we’re standing behind that promise with the release of our 5-node free license of EPIC Enterprise as a key move toward our vision to make Big Data accessible to any enterprise, big or small.”

The deployment is supported by BlueData and organizations can provision 100 nodes or more depending on their hardware specification and run production workloads. Also enabled are multiple users and departmental cluster creation. There are no restrictions on the number of cores, servers or storage, reports the BlueData press release.

“BlueData essentially virtualizes scale-out computing, turning a physical cluster into a Big Data cloud platform with elastic provisioning and policy-driven management.” notes Mike Matchett, senior analyst and consultant at Taneja Group. “Best of all, BlueData helps companies leverage their Big Data wherever it currently exists, wherever it is, and streams it in with performance boosting technologies to the self-provisioning Hadoop/NoSQL cloud. With this leap, companies of all sizes can now readily make progress on broader, more aggressive Big Data visions,” he said.

Deployable by organisations  on premises in their own data center on their own commodity hardware to create a Big Data Private Cloud, the Epic software, helps IT deliver Big Data as a high-performing on-premises service to run any distributed application using any server with any storage. EPIC platform also supports Hadoop 1.0, YARN, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, Impala and Spark.

Key features include many patent-pending technologies to deliver self-service, speed and scale:

  •        DataTap: eliminates time-consuming data movement and data duplication.
  •        IOBoost: delivers extreme performance through application aware caching and tiering.
  •        ElasticPlaneTM: enables self-service, multi-tenant clusters using hypervisor and next generation container technologies.

BlueData intends to “furthering its mission to democratize Big Data.” Enterprises of all sizes can try out a Big Data private cloud with the consumption experience of the public cloud, in a low-risk environment that is fully supported explains the release.

BlueData claims to be making resources needed to build agile, secure and cost-effective Big Data deployments available thus delivering value in days instead of months at a cost savings of 50-75 percent compared with traditional approaches.

(Image credit: BlueData)


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