Anonymity on the web is fast gaining importance, in the wake of Government snooping disclosures and the increasing data breach frequency.

Almost four years ago, a group of friends working in IT consulting, were meeting for “beer and tacos,” and while brainstorming over client projects and discussing current political world scenario ended up with an idea to build an “anti-censorship box.”

Monday saw the launch of Anonabox Kickstarter campaign. The anonabox is a networking device that provides anonymous Internet access and encryption, and helps to bypass censorship in places where access to the Internet is limited and designed specifically to run for Tor.

Tor is free software and an open network that helps defend against traffic analysis, by bouncing communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world; it prevents somebody watching the users Internet connection from tracking their movements online, while simultaneously preventing the sites from learning the users physical location.

However, people using Tor accidentally reveal information about themselves by using the software incorrectly, or by simultaneously running other software that compromises their security. The Anonabox uses Tor to allow anyone to access the Internet anonymously without having to install any software.

“Our first prototypes were pretty clunky, and cost between $200-$400 just for the parts, but they worked well and proved the concept. We knew that the device had to be small enough to easily conceal, built with quality components, and rock solid. But we also wanted to make it inexpensive. We wanted to make it available to as many people as possible,” writes co-creator August Germar.

The current model, priced at $45, is the fourth prototype having 64mb memory and a 580mhz CPU with a simple, minimalist case in plain white to house it. Up until now, the 2.4in by 1.6in router has raised over $475,000, since Monday. Their Kickstarter page offers answers to FAQs and other information regarding their business plan.

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(Image source: Anonabox)

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