The Predictive Analytics World is the business event for professionals, managers and users of Predictive Analytics. The conference offers trend-setting keynotes, relevant case studies and practical lectures. Learn from renowned experts:

  • which predictive analytics methods and tools really work,
  • what Big Data can do for your business
  • and what a successful Data Scientist features.

Day 1 of the conference is all about the consumer and the question arises, how predictive analytics helps to improve customer relations by intelligent customer profiles lead to personalized offers and content. The spectrum ranges from Uplift modeling on Fraud Detection through keyword optimization.

Day 2 pursues the theme “Beyond Big Data: Smart Knowledge” and explores the question, what comes to Big Data and from the many data as generated valuable knowledge. The focus is on proven and successful Big Data applications, including the financial and telecommunications industries.

Full information and schedule can be found here.

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