Texas-based tech startup Vysk Communications has developed an “Everyday Privacy Case” (EP1), which uses a combination of hardware and software to provide next-generation privacy and security against camera and photo hacking.

“The more we rely on our smartphones—keeping photos, videos, text messages and sensitive
information stored on devices—the more cyber criminals want access to them,” says Victor Cocchia, an Army veteran, now co-founder and CEO of Vysk Communications. “That’s why you need hardware and software solutions to combat these attacks, which happen on a daily basis without your knowledge. Our goal is for everyday consumers to experience privacy wherever they go.”

The EP1’s innovative patent-pending camera shutters locks down your iPhone’s front and rear cameras preventing unauthorized remote capturing of photos or videos. Apart from the privacy features, it also charges the phone, providing an additional 120 percent battery power, and serves as a protective case for the iPhone® 5/5s, reports Vysk in a press release.

Due for release later this month, the software component includes the Vysk Private Gallery app, as well as the Vysk Private Text app. The Vysk Private Gallery app allows for image and video from current photo gallery and taking photos using the built-in camera interface and store them inside the encrypted, password-protected application with the option to organize photos into two separate galleries, each with its own unique access PIN.

Vysk’s Easy-To-Use Iphone Case Stops Hackers In Their Tracks How To Stop Hackers

In case of a security threat, users can erase the entire contents of the galleries instantly and permanently. Other features allow sharing of photos via social media channels, email, AirDrop and text message, through the app. The data backed up to iCloud is transferred as encrypted information, rather than a picture from your standard photo gallery.

In the wake of the recent iCloud hack, leading to compromised data of individuals and the disconcerting news of growth in hacking activities, Vysk’s EP1 provides a much wanted layer of security for individual privacy. Co-founded by Dr. Michael Fiske, one of the world’s foremost cryptographic experts, Vysk started in San Antonio, in 2012. The EP1 is now available for sale and shipment.

Source: Fast Company

(Image credit: Vysk)

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