Vivametric are aiming to take the digitisation of healthcare to a whole new level. They’ve developed an open source platform which pools data from wearable fitness trackers, enriches it with health data, and examines it through research-proven analysis to assess and predict health status.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Richard Hu told John Koetsier of VentureBeat, “This would be the biggest imaginable pool of people for researchers to study. It’s an opportunity to create native information that is out in the wild that doesn’t get biased or influenced by study parameters.”

Vivametrica is a cloud-based platform that will act as a sink for data from wearable sensor devices, fitness tracker apps and medical-grade health sensors and then will help analyze it for assessment of health and wellness. The data will be accessible to users from a common source with ready comparisons to data from parallel users as well as health experts and could become a part of the users medical history to be utilized by doctors in case of treatment or prevention.

In order to carry out “data normalization” via testing of non-medical-grade health devices, and “cross-referencing them to the gold standard” of activity tracking- Active Graph.

Vivametrica’s President revealed that product testing will start in a few months, followed by a private beta. He believes that all the wearable tech available in the industry will offer leverage to their initiative.

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(Image credit: Alain Limoges)

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