Press Release: Splunk, provider of the leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, today announced that Trade Me, the leading online marketplace and classified advertising platform in New Zealand, has standardized on Splunk Enterprise. Splunk software is now in the hands of Trade Me business analysts who analyze data across the company’s various digital channels. Splunk software enables Trade Me to gain business insights from the machine data produced by more than 70 million page impressions and 15 million mobile API calls per day. Watch the Trade Me video or read the case study to learn more about how Trade Me has optimized customer experiences since deploying Splunk software.


“Splunk Enterprise tells us what is happening across the Trade Me platform and ensures our 3.5 million registered members can trust Trade Me for all types of commerce transactions,” said Matt van Deventer, head of infrastructure, Trade Me. “When our business analysts discovered the capabilities of Splunk Enterprise, the IT team was able to quickly train them to build their own dashboards and visualizations. Business analysts at Trade Me now use Splunk software daily to generate their own business insight reports out of massive volumes of formerly disparate data sets. These insights have led to improved customer experiences through the creation of new features, services and campaigns. As a result, it has helped us see new revenue generating opportunities.”


Originally a Splunk customer for IT infrastructure monitoring, Trade Me has expanded its use of Splunk software to analyze clickstream, mobile and business data across its many websites, mobile apps and relational databases to gain insights into customer journeys, preferences and bidding actions. Insights are analyzed in real time to show the implications of new site features, photos, listings or marketing campaigns. Recently, Trade Me correlated a large inbound volume of job applications to the timing of a television commercial promoting its Trade Me Jobs website, proving the value of that particular advertising campaign. The company also uses Splunk Enterprise to improve the customer experience by quickly identifying the source of any errors or issues and resolving them before site visitors are impacted.

“Trade Me is a classic example of a Splunk customer who started out by finding significant value in IT operations and later discovered the Splunk ROI multiplies as you add data and use cases,” said Dan Miller, country manager, Australia and New Zealand, Splunk. “Trade Me has created a business culture that uses big data in real time to improve the bottom line. It has discovered the valuable role business analytics should play in multi-channel environments that produce massive volumes of data sets from both new and traditional sources. Like many of our loyal customers, Trade Me trusts Splunk software to reveal previously hidden business insights.”

(Image credit: Trade Me)

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