Text mining innovators-in-the-making MonkeyLearn have finally opened their beta version for the public to sign up. The announcement came at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, on Monday.

The cloud-based artificial intelligence platform intends to transform text mining the same way WordPress made content creation available to all, reports VentureBeat. CEO & co-founder of Tryolabs & MonkeyLearn Martín Alcalá Rubí succinctly summarised their game to plan VentureBeat:- “We want to make text mining-driven applications easy.”

In a blog post announcing their launch, they explained that MonkeyLearn hopes to make “customizable and affordable artificial intelligence technologies for text mining” available to startups, marketers and developers in a variety of industries. This will allow easy extraction and classification of information from text, with seamless and rapid integration into their own platforms and websites. It has been supported by Eduardo Mangarelli, Director of Technology of Microsoft Latin America and the Uruguay government’s ANII investment fund.

Expanding on various applications that could be developed with MonkeyLearn, it finds uses in news and media, for instance, as publishers can categorise users by the content they read to personalise and improve user experience. In e-commerce, enterprises could classify buyers as per products or previous engagements. Similarly in advertising, social media and customer support can apply this tool as per requirements.

With the alpha version released in April this year, the three co-founders Alcalá Rubí, Raúl Garreta and Ernesto Rodríguez have pooled in $250,000 so far.

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