The Apache Software Foundation has declared Apache Storm a top-level project, marking a major step towards its maturity as a technology.

Designed by the team at BackType/Twitter, to analyze the tweet stream in real time, Storm became an official Apache incubation project in September 2013. Ever since, Hortonworks engineering has been working to integrate Storm with Hadoop as a scalable, fault-tolerant system, which can process data streams in real time.

Writing for Hortonworks, Taylor Goetz, Chair of the Project Management Committee (PMC) for Storm, explains what this ‘Graduation’ really signifies, “Ultimately, an open source project is only as good as the community that supports it. The community improves the quality of the project and adds features needed by end users.

“The ASF has been established to do exactly this: to set governance frameworks and build communities around open source software projects. Further, the ASF believes that the real life and future of a project lies in the vibrancy of its community of developers and users,” he wrote.

It is playing a key role in the real-time data processing architecture of various companies such as Yahoo!, Spotify, Cisco, Twitter, Xerox PARC, and WebMD, who have deployed Storm in production.

Utilized with other Hadoop components and YARN as the architectural center that manages resources across all of those components, writes Goetz, “Storm represents an integral part of any big data strategy.”

Backed by a sustainable developer community and the governance framework and processes of the ASF, Storm’s graduation to a top level project gives the users of Apache Hadoop more reason to adopt Apache Storm.

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