Data management specialists Peaxy have made their signature product, the Peaxy Hyperfiler generally available today. The general principle behind the Hyperfiler software is making massive amounts of unstructured data across complex data architectures immediately accessible and manageable.

The Hyperfiler product was built with a particular industrial pain point in mind. The explosion in unstructured data means that industries have access to more data than ever, but managing this data has become challenging. According to Peaxy’s website, it’s estimated “only 10% of the data can be accessed while 90% sits idle and untapped”. The mission objective of the Peaxy Hyperfiler is to give clear and constant access to all of the data, across extensive product lifecycles of over 50 years.

One of the main reasons so much of company’s data has gone “dark” and become unusable in the disruptive tech refresh cycle. New data storage techniques emerge every years, but in migrating from platform to platform, alot of the data becomes renamed, lost and unusable. “The tech refresh cycle is very disruptive to data scientists, engineers and researchers,” Peaxy’s CEO Manuel Terranova told Dataconomy. “Our software isolates the dataset from that very disruptive physical hardware exchange. In our system, you can swap out the underlying physical hardware without experiencing any downtime, any disruption, or unnecessary movement of the data.”

The Hyperfiler has already found uses in data-intensive, highly-technical uses such as gas & oil, aeronautics (where certain pieces of field equipment have a decades-long life cycle which requires frequent monitoring) and seismology (which can generate 200 to 400 terabytes of data every day. The Hyperfiler is as adept at handling massive datasets, scaling linearly up to 1.1 exabytes of data across tens of thousands of nodes.

Ultimately, if a product is going to lift your data out of the disruptive and damaging tech refresh cycle, it has to be highly scalable, and capable of dealing with any type of data you’ll need to throw at it- the Hyperfiler delivers on these demands. In the words of Peaxy, the Hyperfiler software “allows you to employ advanced analytics that have been promised for years but never truly realised”.

(Image credit: Peaxy)

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