Heard is the new Social Network with a difference. It is tailor-made for leakers and whistleblowers.

Launched earlier last week on the 18th, Heard, focuses on verifying people while still keeping their anonymity intact, adding a yet non-existent layer of security for whistleblowers, sources, and leakers, reports Motherboard.

Dave Vronay, Heard co-founder, tells Motherboard,”Instead of the all-or-nothing approach to identity, our system gives users another option of revealing only those badges that are relevant to the conversation.”

According to infographics on their blog, ‘Heard does not rely on friends, followers or personal information to function. instead the system uses reputation, performance and feedback signals, to continuously and dynamically match content.’

Their proprietary ‘Verified not Identified’ badging system, helps users – journalists and other info receiving parties – make trust decisions, whether a source does indeed work for the government, or any organisation, even though they choose to remain anonymous.

‘These badges are double-to-blind encrypted so that no one is able to discover which information was used to obtain the badge, only that it has been verified.’

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(Image Credit: Heard)

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