Still basking in the glory of recently appearing on our 10 Machine Learning Experts list (we can only assume), Andrew Ng recently spoke at a Gigaom meetup on behalf of Baidu, where he has taken up residence as Chief Data Scientist. Ng’s talk concerned Baidu’s big plans for the future- which include the completion of the world’s largest neural network– as well as his own speculations about the future of deep learning and data science.

What seems to have attracted attention is his belief about the future of search engines and utilization of various interfaces to find information on the Internet. “In five years, we think 50 percent of queries will be on speech or images,” Ng told a packed audience at the Gigaom meetup, on his area of expertise, deep learning.

“Speech and images are, in my view, a much more natural way to communicate,” Ng said.

Baidu is using Deep learning to power ideas such as image and voice search, and the new Baidu Eye wearable computer. Ng talked about the “Baidu Cool Box” project that is claimed to be an all-powerful information appliance.

Through Deep Learning, an Artificial Neural Network is fed on information from all channels, audio, video, images, etc. and then deductions are made on the new information that the neural system is provided to process. More recently, startups and Tech giants alike, have been eager to mine deep learning and Google and Baidu have been able to integrate it as well.

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