It’s no secret that in-memory, real-time applications have been gaining ground for quite some time. The idea that data should nurture immediate decision-making and not just be confined to historical, retrospective analysis has certainly proved to be a powerful one. Now, open source in-memory powerhouse Gridgain have unveiled their latest innovation for real-time insights; the Gridgain In-Memory Data Fabric.

The technology accomodates high-performance transaction, real-time streaming and lightning-fast analytics to help enterprises get the answers they need when they need them. According to Gridgain, the Data Fabric is the product of “years of meticulous research and development”, and it’s hoped that this technology will prove to be a game-changer for Gridgain and the in-memory computing market.

Abe Kleinfeld, CEO of Gridgain told Dataconomy: “The GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric provides an easy on-ramp to in-memory performance and scale for both legacy applications and new development, while also breaking the hard-wiring of vendor lock-in in the former and enabling unprecedented opportunity for innovation in the latter.”

Gridgain have aimed to increase the market of the In-Memory Data Fabric by offering API-parity with a range of applications (including Java, .NET, C++, Hive & MapReduce), as well as connections with a range of data stores (including SQL, NoSQL and Hadoop). Pair that with ramped-up security options and high availability, and Gridgain certainly have a tempting product for enterprises looking to gain insights in a more timely fashion.

(Image credit: Gridgain)

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