Digital asset management innovator Front Porch Digital have inked a deal to be acquired by Oracle.

The purchase will allow both the companies to help clients efficiently manage the growing complexities involved in migration, integration, storage, and delivery of rich media content, reports a press release announcing the acquisition.

John Fowler, the Executive Vice President of Oracle Systems said in this regard, “Organizations need a modern, integrated content storage management solution to manage and monetize their valuable rich media assets. We will continue to build on Front Porch Digital’s success and unique capabilities, which complement Oracle’s existing high performance and scalable engineered storage solutions.”

Upwards of 550 organizations globally, including A&E Television, BBC, Discovery Communications, U.S. Library of Congress and NASCAR, are assisted by Front Porch Digital to ensure the availability and accessibility of their valuable content. In total, Front Porch Digital manages over 750 petabytes of digital content, reports the statement.

“Front Porch Digital has developed industry leading solutions that help companies manage large-scale digital content,” added Mike Knaisch, the CEO of Front Porch Digital. “We are thrilled to be joining Oracle to continue our long-standing partnership. This combination will enable us to better serve and support our customers at a global scale.”

The terms of the agreement remain undisclosed.

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(Image credit: Oracle)

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