In the latest, of a string of bad-blood situations between Google and EU authorities, European data protection wing, known as the Article 29 Working Party, has issued the search engine pioneer with guidelines to steer its privacy practices in tandem with EU law.

Reuters reports that Google has been provided with “a list of measures it could implement”, for example explaining the purpose of collecting user info and the third party entities that will have access to this data. In a letter to Google published last week, it proposes guidelines adhering to EU’s individual national privacy laws.

Google spokesman Al Verney said, “We have worked with the different data protection authorities across Europe to explain our private policy changes.” Google is open to feedback and looked forward to discussing the list of guidelines provided by the regulators, the spokesman said.

In the wake of Google’s move to combine its 60 privacy policies into one, collating all the data collected across its services, and the lack of the option to opt out for users, investigations have been initiated separately in six European countries, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Britain and the Netherlands.

Previously, EU has reprimanded Google for alleged doctoring of search results, and its controversial implementation of the ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling.

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(Image credit: Carlos Luna)

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