Facebook has launched the completely reduxed and rebuilt ad platform, called Atlas, that will deliver people-based marketing, helping marketers reach customers across devices, platforms and publishers immense trove of data of its 1.3 billion users.

“Atlas has been rebuilt on an entirely new code base, with a user interface designed for today’s busy media planners and traffickers,” writes Erik Johnson, Head of Atlas, in a blog post.

“Targeting and measurement capabilities are built-in, and cross-device marketing is easy with new ways of evaluating media performance centered on people for reporting and measurement. This valuable data can lead to better optimization decisions to make your media budget even more effective,” he explains.

Essentially, as Peter Kafka of Re/code put it, “Facebook will use Facebook data to sell ads on sites that aren’t Facebook.”

This outlook raises a bunch of security and privacy concerns.

“Facebook has deep, deep data on its users,”Rebecca Lieb, a digital advertising and media analyst at the Altimeter Group, a research firm, tells the New York Times. The Atlas platform, “can track people across devices, weave together online and offline,” she added.

“There is a Big Brother perception that is a side effect of this kind of precision targeting,” Ms. Lieb noted. “People are worried that you know them.”

Joining the Atlas platform is Facebook’s Instagram and advertising, marketing and corporate communications holding company Omnicom – the first to sign an agency-wide ad serving and measurement partnership with Atlas.

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(Image credit: Dimitris Kalogeropoylos)

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