Finnish gene testing and Next-Generation Sequencing outfit, Blueprint Genetics has landed €2 million in a new funding round. Avohoidon Tutkimussäätiö, a Finnish foundation, along with Inventure, led the round, raising Blueprint Genetics’ total funding to €2.96 million.

Tommi Lehtonen, CEO of Blueprint Genetics, described the company’s intentions, “Our technology enabled us to introduce an unprecedented combination of large panels, low pricing, high sequencing quality and clinician friendly reporting. The excellent customer feedback that we have received encourages us to expand further to US markets and other disease categories.”

According to the firm, utilising their Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, Blueprint Genetics’ provides a clinical grade genetic diagnostics platform which incorporates sequencing methods developed in Stanford University thus providing a superlative and cost-efficiency outcome. Already used by 60 hospital customers across 10 countries, the startup claims that their panel tests are the most comprehensive on the market.

Blueprint Genetics points out that owing to improper genetic diagnostics, patients across the globe, identified with over 3,500 inherited diseases with known molecular genetic background, are left without diagnosis and treatment. In a bid to change this scenario, the company looks to further its research and expansion.

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