Birst, the global leader in Cloud BI, is officially announcing the availability of Birst Express for NetSuite, a free analytics module that NetSuite administrators can use to achieve greater operational efficiency across their organization. Birst Express for NetSuite is part of the Birst analytics family, which includes Birst Discovery and Birst Enterprise editions.

Birst delivers sophisticated analytics that give users the ability to easily examine and view the status of key metrics. The new Birst Express for NetSuite edition provides NetSuite customer administrators access to analytics at no cost, meaning that business critical analysis across data such as booking and billings information can be easily leveraged and maximized. Customers just need a Java Database Connectivity license to take advantage of this free Birst version.

With Birst Express for NetSuite, companies can:

  • Compare book-to-bill conversion rates across products, customer types and more.
  • Understand billing trends over time and identify bottlenecks to improve performance.
  • Gain insight into subscription business KPIs such as operational analysis, deferred revenue and renewal rates and more.
  • Uncover valuable insights to help decrease days sales outstanding and increase working capital.
  • Eliminate manual reporting and accelerate decision-making.

Birst Discovery

Additionally, Birst Express for NetSuite includes the visual discovery solution, Birst Visualizer, which combines Google-like search and Amazon-like recommendations to reduce time-to-answer for a wide range of questions. The free module includes a pre-built library of more than 50 operational metrics and attributes, with historical and dimensional views to deliver rapid time to value. Rich visualizations, enterprise dashboards and more than 20 pre-built reports provide instant insight into key operational issues.

Birst Enterprise

Customers who choose to upgrade to Birst’s full self-service Enterprise edition will be able to combine data from different sources, including Salesforce, Marketo, RDBMS, Big Data systems, and more. Organizations can analyze end-to-end business processes like campaign-to-cash or perform cohort analysis to understand the driving factors behind renewals and churn. Finally, Birst’s unified logical layer creates a library of customers’ business KPIs, creating a reusable, secure, single source of truth for a wide range of analytic queries.

“Birst is delivering highly valuable technology capabilities like data discovery technology, dashboards, portal integration, cloud delivery, and a unified logical layer at no cost to NetSuite users,” said Brad Peters, Birst chairman and chief product officer. “Birst is pushing the envelope for cloud-based technology and together with NetSuite, we are able to provide immediate business value with one click of a mouse to anyone that is ready to benefit from this powerhouse partnership.”

“Together, NetSuite and Birst deliver unmatched value – it is as simple as that. We had a pressing need to get a deep level of detail from our data. Birst allows us to quickly tap into that data, drill down to find out what we need, create solid reporting and manage all of it from one very easy-to-use dashboard,” said Jeff Baldwin, Director of Business Operations at Jive Software. “We started using Birst for its sales analytics, but quickly realized we could leverage it for our financial analytics as well. We are now able to get the insight we need into both sales and financial analytics and ultimately across other various business processes within our organization.”

(Image Credit: Birst)

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