The Big data sprawl has managed to sap into the US public machinery, the latest being Traffic management.

Leading outfit in Apache Hadoop Technology for Big Data Deployments, MapR has been an advocate of the need for data tools in transportation management and in a blog post last week emphasized the use of such tools to ‘manage rail traffic, long-haul trucking and delivery, even road repair.’

“Big data and Hadoop have revolutionized the transportation industry over the past several years. Whether in a car, a train, a plane or a delivery truck, we all use big data throughout our travels,” wrote, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at MapR Technologies, Michele Nemschoff. “An efficient transportation system is a key factor in any thriving economy. Big data has helped transportation companies stay on track through increased operational efficiency, improved customer experiences, reduced fuel costs/increased profits, and enhanced service offerings.”

Traffic management proves to be a field where data analytics helps curb unprecedented issues.
The data for the predictive monitoring of transportation systems comes from sources such as Maintenance logs, GPS units combined with weather data to ensure train safety, handheld field tablets, GPS units that record speed, distance between trains, arrival time and location Visual and acoustic sensors in brakes, rails, switches and other hardware, etc. The data sources collated provide analytics that can influence both automated and human decision-making.

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(Image credit: Ryan Heaney)

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