A salary survey of predictive analytics professionals conducted by leading executive recruitment agency, Burtch Works, reports a marked climb, as more enterprises are lured by the utilities of Big Data.

The subjects of the survey included analysts who work with SAS, R, SPSS and SQL and other tools such as Python, Hive and Hadoop, and dealing with digital streams of unstructured data, noted the consulting firm’s managing director, Linda Burtch during a conference call. She also explained that the “base salaries have increased at every level,” owing to the increasing demand for predictive analysts.

Released on September 3rd, the survey reveals that the median base salaries over the last 12 months varied from $95,000 for data analysts to $145,000 for managers. Of the total number of participants, 71 percent of data workers were eligible for bonuses while 91 percent of managers were in line for bonuses. The median bonus for workers was $11,000 and $27,400 for managers, as per the study of 1,586 data professionals working for more than 750 different companies, reported Datanami.

As is evident through the survey, the need for predictive analysts grows quite like the unprecedented growth of unstructured, streaming data. The Survey is available here.

(Image credit: Mary Crandall)

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